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      歡迎瀏覽深圳市博科順精密設備有限公司網站!中文版 | English | 網站地圖





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      Shenzhen bokeshun precision equipment Co., Ltd
      Address: first floor, building C, Zhangge Science Park, Zhangge community, Fucheng street, Longhua District, Shenzhen
      Tel: 0755-29496776 / 29496778
      Business direct contact:
      Mr Xiang 13923472168
      Email: szbks@szbks.com
      website: http://www.v97va.cn

      Apply Online

      Now, due to the expansion of the scale, we are eager to hire the following personnel:

      Salesman / Sales Engineer (3)

      1. Age 18-30 years old, major in e-commerce, marketing, mechanical equipment and other related majors;

      2. Fresh graduates are preferred.

      2. Have relevant business experience, understand electronic machinery industry and electronic production process, and have equipment business experience is preferred;

      3. Good at using the online trading platform to develop customers, willing to engage in business, active thinking, clear speaking, enthusiastic, passionate and hardworking;

      Business Assistant (1)

      job content:

      1. Sort out, file and keep sales contracts, sales documents and forms

      2. Order contact and order tracking coordination.

      3. Customers receive orders, coordinate and cooperate with relevant departments to ensure delivery on schedule

      4. Implement the auxiliary work in the process of customer relationship maintenance, and timely handle the simple requirements put forward by customers.


      1. Have good communication skills and the ability to independently develop potential customers;

      2. Mainly engaged in market development and maintenance, as well as the publicity and promotion of new products;

      3. Have professionalism, self-motivated, and strong ability to deal with things actively and actively;

      4. Like marketing, strong affinity, and good team spirit;

      5. Excellent English reading and writing skills are preferred.

      Mechanical Engineer (2)

      1. Graduated from mechanical manufacturing and other related majors, familiar with the use of PROE, solidwxdks, CAD and other design software;

      2. Have more than one year of non-standard automation equipment design experience, familiar with mechanical structure principle, machining process, sheet metal processing process, etc;

      3. Be responsible for the drawing of product design drawings, and upgrade and improve products according to customer feedback;

      4. Be responsible for the follow-up of production and assembly and the handling of abnormal problems;

      5. Work actively, have a strong sense of responsibility, have a good sense of teamwork, and be good at communicating and solving problems.

      6. Excellent fresh graduates can be considered

      Assembly electrician (2)

      1. Age 20-28 years old, major in mechanical and electrical engineering;

      2. Hold valid electrician certificate, have practical experience in electrical assembly, and understand the electrical principle of mechanical automation;

      3. Wiring and installation of mechanical circuits, servo, solenoid valves, etc;

      4. Be hardworking, obey work arrangement, and have team spirit;

      5. Excellent fresh graduates can also be considered.

      Fitter (2)

      1. Age 20-28 years old, more than one year of bench work experience in non-standard automation equipment industry;

      2. Be able to understand drawings and assemble independently according to drawings; Familiar with the installation of cylinder, guide rail, screw rod, slider, bearing, motor, etc;

      3. Be hardworking, obey work arrangement, and have team spirit.

      4. Excellent fresh graduates can also be considered

      After sales installation and commissioning (2)

      1. Technical secondary school degree or above, major in electrical engineering automation or related, with more than two years of working experience;

      2. Be familiar with the working principle of complete sets of equipment in power system, product working principle, technological process, etc; Familiar with electrical primary and secondary scheme design;

      3. Have solid theoretical foundation and technical work experience, and can independently solve problems related to product use;

      4. Strong sense of responsibility, good language skills, high teamwork.

      contact information:

      Tel: 0755-29496776 29496778 Fax: 86-755-29496779
      Chen Sheng: 13925283576
      Email: bks03@szbks.com

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