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      歡迎瀏覽深圳市博科順精密設備有限公司網站!中文版 | English | 網站地圖





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      Shenzhen bokeshun precision equipment Co., Ltd
      Address: first floor, building C, Zhangge Science Park, Zhangge community, Fucheng street, Longhua District, Shenzhen
      Tel: 0755-29496776 / 29496778
      Business direct contact:
      Mr Xiang 13923472168
      Email: szbks@szbks.com
      website: http://www.v97va.cn

      Company profile

      Shenzhen bokeshun precision equipment Co., Ltd. is abbreviated as "bokeshun", specializing in the production of intelligent automatic equipment. At present, the main customer groups involved are: LCD panel, touch screen, mobile phone, education electronics and other industries with long-term advanced national strategies. With continuous learning and experience accumulation, we have become a technological innovation company, based on Shenzhen, a high-speed development city integrating economy, technology and trade.
      Since its establishment in 2009, we have continuously accumulated and summarized experience. In the market trend, we adhere to the manufacturing concept of "it is difficult to make an easy plan, which is greater than its details; the difficult things in the world must be done in the easy way, and the major events in the world must be done in the details", and carefully make each equipment. Combined with the current rise in human costs and the national call for Industry 4.0, we have strengthened the trend of equipment automation and modularization. According to the development needs of the industry, we will provide large-scale touch display (15-100 inch soft to soft fitting, soft to hard fitting, hard to hard full fitting, four axis edge banding and dispensing, high-pressure defoaming), mobile phone fingerprint identification fitting (DAF glue automatic visual alignment fitting, cover plate automatic visual alignment fitting, optical and ultrasonic research and development), film (automatic visual alignment 3D curved surface fitting, plane film) Scraping and coating (on-board LCM bonding, slit coating), AOI detection (appearance visual detection, height measurement detection), non-standard automation (intelligent operation of loading and unloading manipulator, intelligent upgrading of single machine string); Deep ploughing in 6 categories of equipment. In the long-term future, we will continue to extend the automation of equipment to every process.

      As a small and medium-sized enterprise, we use our own flexible mechanism to give full play to the advantages of "small and specialized", "small and flexible", "small and special", "small and beautiful" and have strong adaptability to market changes; Through professional and collaborative development, we have established close cooperative relations with large enterprises. Due to the improvement of service and product quality and the reduction of cost, it objectively and effectively supports and promotes the development of large enterprises, and also provides a reliable foundation for their own survival and development; In the future, our company will work harder to actively implement the technology innovation strategy to continuously enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise; In the process of growth, through customer feedback and enterprise team constantly sum up experience, establish a more perfect after-sales service system and enterprise culture!

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