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      Shenzhen bokeshun precision equipment Co., Ltd
      Address: first floor, building C, Zhangge Science Park, Zhangge community, Fucheng street, Longhua District, Shenzhen
      Tel: 0755-29496776 / 29496778
      Business direct contact:
      Mr Xiang 13923472168
      Email: szbks@szbks.com
      website: http://www.v97va.cn

      TP and LCD panel industry

      1、 Soft to soft, soft to hard, hard to hard full fit of medium and large-size TP or LCD panels, with a maximum support of 100 inches.
      The main adhesion materials are nano silver film, pet protective film, OCA, polarizer, brightening film, glass panel, LCD panel, etc. the hard to hard full adhesion has two kinds of adhesives, AB two-component silica gel and solid SCA.

      2、 Bubble elimination after medium and large size TP or LCD panel is attached.
      Give a certain pressure and temperature in the pressure volume to reduce the bubbles after bonding and increase the strength after bonding. The traditional defoamer only gives a single pressure and temperature. The newly developed equipment can have the unique functions of vacuum, multi-stage rapid temperature rise and fall and so on.

      3、 Medium and large size full fit
      AB two-component silica gel characteristics and bonding methods, SCA bonding methods and characteristics. Different products use different processes and processes.

      4、 The full fit and special-shaped screen of vehicle type are pasted with Ag and AF films with high precision.
      The high-precision Ag and AF film sticking equipment designed especially for the special-shaped screen has broken through the accuracy bottleneck of the industry. The excellent CCD alignment system, the attachment structure with very small shape variables and a solid rack foundation have also achieved high-precision equipment.

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